Drops is a new type of musical instrument, designed from the ground up for VR. It’s a cross between a classic marble run and a relaxing sculpture garden. Users create compositions driven by the beat and flow of rhythmically cascading marbles as they strike multi-tonal blocks. The laws of physics and time are controlled by the user, encouraging novel configurations of tempo, tone, and space.

Drops is a meditative experience, geared equally toward musicians and everyday people. Time passes quickly as your composition metamorphoses from simple beat to complex polyphonic melody.

The first sound library for Drops has been created by Patrick Higgins—an experimental musician from the band Zs, who is described as one of the “prime movers of the local avant-garde” by the New York Times.

The sounds are designed to mix harmoniously, making it easy for anyone to create compositions that are both rich and pleasant to the ear.

Drops will be available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in 2018.