Oct 13 - Nov 18, 2017
Oslo, Norway
Willas Contemporary

Ballenesque is a VR piece made in close collaboration with Roger Ballen for his retrospective at the Willas Contemporary in Oslo as part of the Uncontaminated Fashion Arts Festival. The experience brings the user through a chronology of Ballen’s photography works, spanning from the Dorps series (1986) to Theatre of Apparitions (2016).

The piece was shown on an HTC Vive for the entirety of the retrospective at Willlas, but was also present at a one-night-only event in an old circus tent in Aker Brygge.

The virtual installation was co-authored with Seth Tillett, a stage designer that assisted in the project’s layout and concept. Viewers can explore Ballen’s works in a variety of small rooms - some that the viewer walks through, while others move on their own. The VR controller serves as a flashlight to illuminate the viewer’s path as they make their way through the piece.

Roger Ballen
Willas Contemporary
Seth Tillett