OONI is a virtual reality studio working in the field of photography. We design and build photography collections and shows in VR.

We build alternate worlds in VR to house these works, allowing artists and curators to imagine the space that will surround the images themselves. By having complete control over this environment, the viewer is immersed in the most ideal viewing conditions.

Our practice is multidisciplinary. We work with lighting specialists, architects, and sound engineers to expertly program a piece.

We also build tools for exhibition design, and have released a new musical instrument. As an effort to provide an interface with human experience that satisfies aesthetically as well as functionally, we make custom VR viewers as an extension of our work.

OONI is a division of Planeta, the product R&D studio based in NYC.

295 E 8th St
New York, NY 10009

295 E 8th St